Winning Presentations

How To Prepare, Stage & Deliver Winning Presentations,
3rd Edition, 2004 (AMACOM)
by Tom Leech


Shakespeare wrote “No man is lord of anything ‘til he communicate his parts to others.”

ThHow To Prepare, Stage & Deliver Winning Presentations by Tom Leechis latest revision of AMACOM’s classic book updates the art and science of great presentations. You can have good information, sound ideas, and a couple of degrees, but if you can’t get your story across to others in face-to-face presentations, your success will be limited. Whether attempting to win new clients, sell to customers, get colleagues on board with an idea, or demonstrate value to the board or potential investors, high-quality presentations are a major factor for achieving successful results. This 3rd Edition was named the winner in business-reference class at the San Diego Book Awards, and named by Presentations Magazine, April 2004, to its “Top of the class” list. “Out of all the books reviewed here, this is the one we recommend to anyone who has been asked to present and hasn’t stepped up to a podium since college. The book is well-written, easy to read and full of solid basics on presenting.”

Written for both the novice and veteran presenter, Winning Presentations provides a wide range of practical tools and many illustrations to help you prepare and deliver your message with ease. It can be a valuable resource if you:

– See too many boring and baffling PowerPoint presentations by your team
– Want to get updated with vivid reminders about proven presentation techniques
– Would like to add that extra winning edge to your speeches and presentations
– Want to win that next contract that calls for proposal oral presentations.

The 1st edition of Winning Presentations was praised as one of the “Best Business Books of the year” by Library Journal and chosen by Apple Computer for its first major desktop presentations promotion. The 2nd edition was a selection of the Newbridge Executive Book Club.

*****5.0 out of 5 stars. By C. Campaigne (online “This book is filled with great information on how to put a presentation together and covers all the bases. I feel much more informed and confident after reading this book.”

From Bill Kincaid, VP Corp. Dev., Lockheed Martin Orincon: Tom Leech has proven again that he knows how to WIN and has written it down in these pages. He provided us with this same expertise, in person, and it helped to victory in the biggest competition in our history; against very formidable opponents. Believe what he says!”

From Christine Probett, President (retired), Goodrich A/C Interior Products: “A ‘must read’ for any presenters. Applies to all speaking forums – large or small (customers, corporate, Board of Directors, employees and even informal team meetings). The ‘15 fundamentals’ make it easy to learn, practice and refine your skills, resulting in improved, successful presentations.”

And should you want to help your team greatly enhance their presentations skills, confidence and success with Tom Leech’s on-site coaching, training, and conference programs, visit, shoot him an email at, or give him a call at 858-650-0810.