Tom’s Poetry: From Back When to Right Now

A New Book from Tom Leech

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This is a collection of poems I’ve written over several decades. Many have been published in anthologies, newspapers and magazines, and my own books. They address five different time periods and themes, starting with early days, e.g. “Growing up,” to “ Family and friends” to “The world we live in now.”. My poems cover a variety of topics and experiences: my youth, relationships, where I lived and hung out, our special San Diego natural worlds, and holidays. They’re all in the rhyming class and many are humorous.

An excerpt from the poem “Nature the Rejuvenator” reads:

In this busy world in which we partake,
Often it’s wise to take a long break,
Why not here in our San Diego world,
Where nature helps us to get unfurled?

From Tom “Many people have experienced memorable events in their lives that have triggered recollections that often keep coming back, and perhaps these poems will stir more personal memories.” When asked what he wants readers to take away from the book, he answers “Have fun and be stimulated about their own life qualities and pleasures.”

Tom is San Diego based and is a prolific writer, with books covering a variety of topics: nature, travel, business communication, Shakespeare, and even Santa’s Elves Christmas Adventures (with wife Leslie). He’s obviously a frequent rhymer and his poems have appeared in many books, magazines, and anthologies, among them The Guilded Pen (San Diego Writers & Editors Guild), Oasis Journal, Ageless Authors, Heart of the Holidays, Toastmasters Magazine, and his Indiana hometown paper, the Garrett Clipper.

Here’s some commentary about the new book from fellow authors.

Tom Leech’s poetry is a treasure trove of gentle recollections, back porch wisdom and sly humor. A gentle volume of poetry, filled with rhyming recollections, back porch wisdom and just plain fun.” Corey Lynn Fayman, award-winning author of the Rolly Waters Mystery series

“Tom Leech’s From Back When to Right Now is a glimpse of nostalgia, a wink to the future, and a feel-good dose of down-home humor that makes the puzzle pieces just click together. A very fine read, indeed. ”M. Lee Buompensiero, award-winning author of Sumerland

“This volume represents the distilled wisdom of a special poet, a friend of astronauts and rocket scientists, a soul overflowing with boundless curiosity. It’s the work of an adventurer with a keen gift of observation and a genius for context. He’s in awe of Shakespeare, seasoned with a pinch of Ogden Nash. Despite his world perspective, he’s a Norman Rockwell using verse instead of paint. He’s an American in Paris who still remembers the day that Harry Truman came to his Indiana hometown. And he’ll make you remember it, too.” Phil Oakley, Author of Telegraph and the Morello Family series of crime novels.