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Amusing and true tales from Rosie-the-Riveters to Rocket Scientists at a Major Aerospace Company

(that company is San Diego’s General Dynamics, also known as Consolidated Aircraft, Convair, Astronautics and more)

gd-cover-photoWhen retired employees gather for frequent gatherings, the funny tales fly back and forth. Here we assemble a whole bunch of those stories from people employed over 8 decades at this one major U.S. aviation and aerospace company headquartered in San Diego, California. At various times over 45,000 employees worked for this firm. The many amusing stories here come from operations, products and locations throughout the U.S. and frequent overseas assignments. These jolly tales will stir readers’ humor buttons from their own work experiences, whether retired or currently employed. And needless to say, those with aviation, aerospace and defense ties will find many fun stories they’ll readily relate to.
Fun on the Job brought back memories of life at the “Rocket Factory”. We raced towards building planes and the Space Age with serious intent, but not without truly amusing stories. This book is flavored with the dynamics of exciting times and, is a “missile with a payload” of great entertainment. Reading the anecdotes, one can almost feel the pulse of the aeronautical industry of those years. (I’m still smiling!).” Kay Quijada, 4+ decades at multiple GD assignments
From Ruth Leyse-Wallace, PhD. “Engaging and a good read. He lived it and knew the people and places first hand. This gives Leech, a storyteller with humor and contacts, the inside story of the aerospace industry. Collecting memories from San Diego to Cape Canaveral, from astronauts to engineers, from admirals to secretaries, Fun on the Job covers behind-the-scene incidents from this uniquely American industry. One short vignette after another reminds the reader that where there are men and women, there are foibles, jokes, successes and creativity. This collection will give a reader and appreciation for the human side of how America got to the moon.”

Beyond Tom’s latest book — Fun on the Job — here’s info about his other books which enable you to:

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Tom Leech, an author and travel writer who wears many hats:

  • one of the nation’s leading presentations coaches and conference speakers
  • a long-time nature advocate and former outdoors editor
  • a well-traveled observer of culture, people and places around the world

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